When this Lambo (driver) is not... so Rambo (VIDEO)

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jeudi, 1 août 2019
When you are invited to drive the iconic, brutal, outrageous, baddest - and first luxury SUV ever, namely the Lamborghini LM002 (or as it was affectionately known: The Rambo Lambo), you may forget important things...

Like for example your Ducati MultiStrada Enduro key, left somewhere in a charming italian field (thank God, it wasn't the desert!).

Watch this "behind the scene" story to hear the 450 HP's Countach V12 bolted in one of the 300 units ever built of the LM002 some 33 years ago... and to discover what happened to that F/*&$(/ key.

Visit Driving.ca to read about the Rambo Lambo drive in itself.

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